Experienced Legal Help

If you have been accused of a crime, or if you are going through a divorce or another family law dispute, the decisions you make at this time can have long-term consequences for your personal life, your finances and your family. It can be crucial to have the help of a skilled lawyer who can advise you on these decisions and argue forcefully on your behalf.

I am attorney Robin Lewis, and I help clients from all walks of life in cases involving criminal charges or family law. I also work in the areas of juvenile crime and domestic violence, where issues of family law and criminal defense can become intertwined.

Valuable Experience

I have been a lawyer for more than 30 years and have helped many different clients with a variety of legal issues. Earlier in my career, I worked in the district attorney's office, where I prosecuted more than 100 cases in jury trials.

My experiences as a prosecutor give me valuable insight into the strategies and procedures that can help clients defend themselves against a variety of criminal charges, including DUI charges, misdemeanors, felonies, property crimes and violent crimes. My time in the courtroom has given me a strong understanding of how to argue effectively on behalf of my clients, whether I'm in front of a judge and jury, or in a negotiating room.

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If you need help with criminal defense or family law, call my office today at 913-712-0671. You can also contact the office by email.

The office of Robin A. Lewis, P.A., is near the courthouse in the historic district of Olathe, Kansas. I represent people from throughout Johnson County and the surrounding area.