Protecting Your Future

A criminal case is focused on the past, looking at the evidence, and determining what happened. However, when you are the person accused of the crime, what's at stake is your future. A conviction can mean long-term consequences for your personal and professional life.

Likewise, if you're going through a divorce or another dispute in family law, the decisions you make now can affect your finances and your relationship with family members for many years to come.

When your future is on the line due to legal issues, you need the help of a skilled and experienced lawyer.

I am attorney Robin Lewis, and I help people in Olathe, Kansas, and throughout the surrounding area in cases involving family law and criminal matters such as:

  • DUI
  • Property crimes
  • Violent crimes

I also work with cases involving juvenile crimes and domestic violence, where family law and criminal issues can be intertwined.

When you are my client, I work to understand your circumstances and needs. I help you understand your legal options and develop smart and practical solutions to help you reach your goals.

Decades Of Experience

I have been practicing law for more than 30 years. Earlier in my career, I worked for the district attorney's office, prosecuting more than 100 cases.

My experience as a prosecutor, and my time in the courtroom, have given me valuable insight into the strategies and procedures that can help my clients at many different stages of their cases.

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For help with criminal defense, family law and more, call Robin A. Lewis, P.A., today at 913-712-0671, or contact my office by email.

My office is centrally located in Olathe, Kansas, and I represent clients from throughout Johnson County and the surrounding area.